The game, the oil team did not accident to continue to send "labor model" Hom ? Talbert as the starting goalkeeper <a href="">Dan Girardi Jersey</a>, while the addition is sent a substitute Richard Buckman, defense general Chris Tanyeyev The back of the upgrade to enhance the strength of the defense. Opening oil team occupied the field initiative. 6 minutes, the oil team get a good opportunity, a group of right-hand Patrick Maru En sent a fine pass the ball, partner Lyon ? Dreisero in the near goal did not hit the ball, the oil team missed the best opportunity to start The Tanyev fought at the post. The first section into the middle, the team suddenly launched a wave of onslaught, the oil was in front of precarious, plus the state of the best group forward striker Marcus Grande, Bo ? Hall Walter and Sven ? Balch and the defender Ben Hutton <a href="">Derick Brassard Jersey</a>, who continue to Gongmen, but Talbott continued to sound performance <a href="">Matt Hunwick Jersey</a>, the 0-0 score to the end of the first section, the two sides shot a positive 8: 8 level.

At present the league's top coalition in Washington continues their California road trip, the game they will be guest Los Angeles, challenge the current outside the card area outside the wandering kings. As the same area rivals Calgary flame team won the crazy eight-game winning streak, the current kings have been a bit worse from the competitors, so the game has just experienced a two-game losing streak of the capital, the team is bound to a stroke. Tencent sports will be held on March 12 at 11:30 am Beijing for your video live this game, so stay tuned.

2016-17 season NHL regular season to continue, the recent poor state of the capital of Washington continue to travel, the game they guest Los Angeles challenge in the wild card area wandering the kings, and ultimately by virtue of trust Adrian Campo third quarter to play Into the winning goal, the Kings scored a 4: 2 victory, to the leader of the capital of the three-game losing streak <a href="">Daniel Paille Jersey</a>.